Mona Gantos




Mona graduated from William Smith College with a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies, with minors in Economics and History.  She obtained her paralegal certification from the ABA-approved program at Syracuse University.  She has over 25 years’ experience as a paralegal in all areas of civil litigation and specializes in probate litigation at Bellator.  

Mona enjoys using her skill set to progress and resolve dynamic cases while providing a supportive approach to working with our clients.  Mona’s ability to analyze facts, coupled with her unique ability to multitask different aspects of our practice has earned her the success that she has enjoyed as a paralegal.   Her sense of humor remains unrivaled in the office and her genuine care for people make her an absolute pleasure to work with.

In her free time, Mona enjoys traveling, hiking and spending time with her family, friends and especially with her dog, Rylee.

Our Reviews

Nunya B.
Former Client
"Professional attorneys who are attentive and sympathetic to my issues and very knowledgeable about trust discrepancy and concerns."
Ray F.
Former Client
"Merrianne and her team helped me work through developing a solid estate plan and trust plan, providing me with knowledge to help with decision making and unravel the complexities."
Anji Taylor
Former Client
"Merrianne is knowledgeable, compassionate, communicative and was incredibly effective at driving the process to remove the former power-of-attorney holder from a position of abusive authority and control."